Audience Development

Agit Dalvi, the former Brand Director for Coca-Cola once said "you have to fill the bucket before you empty it."

Filling the bucket is the process of introducing value, instilling value and transforming that value into a membership or purchase.

Every age group discerns values differently. We segment audience markets and develop cost-effective, easy-to-manage and implement programs that develop value for all ages.


data profiling

market segmentation

young audience development programs

referral programs

cross marketing

pricing migration analyses


corporate sponsorship

grant funding


We created a regonal arts in education program serving rural schools in Western Kansas.

The program was anchored with performances by one of the world's leading jazz educators, Queen Bey.

In six years the program had grown to include sixteen school districts, twenty-four communities and over thirty-six throusand students.




The program included public performances featuring students who had attended the school performances.

Within the six years, attendance to the sponsoring arts organizations events increased by over 300%.