Strategic Planning

John Nasbitt, author of "Reinventing The Corporation" said "I use the strategic vision that President Kennedy gave to NASA - we're going to put a man on the moon by the end of the decade - the clarity, the power of that goal picture almost magnetically organized everything, every step of the way."

If your market is changing or you need to redefine your image, a strategic plan will identify your opportunities and the strategies necessary to achieve your vision,

Your board members and employees will understand their roles and assume ownership of their responsibilities as part of the team.



cross marketing

transaction marketing

short and long term plans

action plans

tracking programs

incentive plans


career ladders

board development

audience development

data profiles


We created a strategic planning workshop for Rural Telephone in support of the company's transition from a regional telephone company into RTSC Communications, the largest provider of voice and data services in Western Kansas.

The strategic planning workshop was a one-day retreat for executives and managers. The focus of the workshop was to bring the vision of RTSC into focus and to develop team managment processes that would produce successful action plans.